Total Hip Arthroplasty in Young Patients - The Path to Restoration and Beyond

Ena Čolo

maandag 15 januari 2024

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Optimizing routine collection and use of patient-reported outcomes in hip and knee arthroplasty

Yvette Pronk

vrijdag 15 december 2023

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Onderzoeksagenda Beweegzorg 2023

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What makes the best performing hospital? The IQ Joint study

Peter van Schie

Woensdag 8 november 2023

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Scoliosis - a Universal Rotational (De)compensation of the Spine

Steven de Reuver

Donderdag 28 september 2023 Utrecht

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Safety of bone-anchored prostheses in lower extremity amputation

Robin Atallah

Vrijdag 3 november 2023

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Publiekskrant over orthopedie 2023

September 2023

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Periprosthetic Joint Infections. Advances in diagnosis, treatment and outcome

Jesse Kuiper

Vrijdag 29 september 2023

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The knee in motion; dynamic CT imaging for diagnosis and evaluation of knee disorders

Hans Dunning

Vrijdag 22 september 2023

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The press-fit acetabular component: fixation and bearing surfaces

Justin van Loon

6 juli 2023

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