Naam Titel Proefschrift
 Rintje Agricola"The Rise and Fall of the Hip: from Skeletal Development to Osteoarthritis"
 Tjarco Alta"Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty, Does it Work?"
 Michiel Beekhuizen'Inflammatory mediators in osteoarthritis"

Joris Bekkers          "Towards one-stage cell-based treatment and non-invasive evaluation of cartilage defects".
 Christiaan van Bergen"Treatment of osteochondral defects of the talus"
 Arno Bisschop"Spinal stability following single level lumbar laminectomy: A biomechanical study of the human spine"
 Pepijn Bisseling"Hip Resurfacing: perceptions after the storm"
 Stijn Bolink"Functional outcome assessment following total hip and knee arthroplasty. Implementing wearable motion sensors"
 Bert Boonen"Patient-matched positioning guides in total knee arthroplasty"
 Bart Bosker"Pitfalls in Traditional and Innovative Hip Replacement Surgery"
Arjan Bot“Illness Behavior in Patients with Musculoskeletal Disease”
 Martijn Brinkman"Fixation stability and new surgical concepts of osteotomies around the knee"
René ten Broeke"Diagnostic tools for early evaluation of total hip performance"
Harry Bron"Novel regenerative strategies for the treatment of intervertebral disc herniation"
 Vincent Busch"The young osteoarthritic hip: clinical outcome of total hip arthroplasty and a cost-effectiveness analysis"
Gerben van Buul"Towards cell therapy for osteoarthritis"
 Axel Deenik"Hallux valgus - Preoperative criteria and surgical outcome"
 Suzanne Detiger"Preclinical challenges in the surgical treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration"
Christian Donken"Ankle Fractures, Clinical and Experimental Studies"
 Desirée Dorleijn"Hip Osteoarthritis symptomatic presentation and non-operative treatment"
 Bouke Duijnisveld"Muscle and Joint Sequelae in Brachial Plexus Injury"
 Tijs Duivenvoorden"Treatment Modalities for Patients with Varus Medial Knee Osteoarthritis"
van de Groes
"Aseptic loosening and anterior knee pain in high-flexion total knee arthroplasty"

Roel de Haan

"Early failure mechanisms in hip resurefacing arthroplasty"

 Yvon den Hartog"Optimizing perioperative care for primary total hip arthoplasty patients"
 Lizz van der Heijden"Giant cell tumor of bone and tenosynovial tissue"
 Stefanie Hofstede"Optimization of care in orthopaedics and neurosurgery"
 Ruud van Hove"Effects of changes in coating, design and bone, on the results of total knee arthroplasty"
 Rob Janssen'Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction & Accelerated Rehabilitation. Hamstring Tendons, Remodelling and Osteoarthritis'
 Laurens Kaas"Radial head fracture: a potentially complex injury?"
 Derk van Kampen"Combining clinical information and Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine".
 Christiaan Keurentjes"Predictors of Clinical Outcome in Total Hip and Knee Replacement"
 Sjaak Kodde"Trauma and sports injuries of the elbow"
 Gerald Kraan  "The extraforaminial ligaments of the human spinal nerves. Anatomical and Biomechanical Study".
 Robert Jan Kroeze"Adipose stem cells on a biodegradable polymer for spinal fusion - pre-clinical studies"
 Just van der Linde"Evaluating Shoulder Instability Treatment"
Nina Mathijssen “Novel perspectives to improve the outcome of bone impaction grafting in revision surgery of total hip arthroplasties”
 Belle van Meer"Identification of early degenerative changes in the knee after anterior cruciate ligament rupture"
 Olivier van der Meijden"Outcome after plate and intramedullary fixation of displaced midshaft clavicle fractures; a search for the optimal surgical treatment"
 Ducan Meuffels"Novel Insights into Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury"

Dirk Jan Moojen

"Implant-related Infections: Application of PCR-based.Diagnostics and New Antimicrobial Strategies in Prevention and Treatment"
Sander Muijs "Percutaneous vertebroplasty for painful long-standing osteoportic vertebral compression fractures: Indication, clinical outcome, cement leakage & classification".
 Hubert Oostenbroek"Limb reconstruction with the Ilizarov method"
 Dean Pakvis"Survival, primary stability and bone remodeling assessment of cementless sockets. An appraisal of Wolff’s Law in the acetabulum"
 Ludo Penning"The effectiveness of injections in cuff disorders and improvement of diagnostics"
 Wilfred Peter"Physiotherapy in hip and knee osteoarthritis - evidence and daily practice"
Bart Pijls "Evidence based introduction of orthopaedic implants RSA, implant quality and patient safety"
Tom Piscaer"Development and application of new imaging techniques for osteoarhritis"


Posthuma de Boer

"Towards Targeted Treatment for Osteosarcoma"


Ingri Postma

"Brace for Impact"


Martin Pouw"Spinal cord injury: Determination of severity and spinal cord syndromes"
Frank Rahusen"The Athletes Elbow"
Mikel Reilingh"The role of bone in osteochondral talar defects"
Pathophysiology, histological and biochemical changes in IVD degeneration"
Marijn Rutgers"Integrative studies on cartilage tissue engineering and joint homeostasis"
 Sjoerd Rutten"Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound treatment in delayed bone healing"
 Tom Schlösser"Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: From Normal Spinal Anatomy To Three-Dimensional Deformity"
Rachel Senden "Ambulatory gait analysis: Clinical application and fall risk detection"
 Michiel Siebelt"Osteoarthritis: pathogenesis and therapeutic interventions for a whole joint disease"
 Anne Spaans"Treatment of thumb carpometacarpal osteoarthritis; quo vadis"
 Heleen Staal"Natural growth of osteochondromas in Hereditary Multiple Osteochondromas"
 Mark Stegeman"Fusion of the Tarsal Joints; Outcome, Diagnostics and Management of patient expectations"
 Johan van der Stok"Bone Graft Substitutes, Developed for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery"
 Niki Stolwijk “FEET4FEET: plantar pressure and kinematics of the healthy and painful foot”
 Martijn Te Stroet"Clinical and radiographic outcome of cemented revision total hip arthroplasty"
Marieke Struijk"Thromboprophylaxis in Orthopaedic Surgery"
Sjoerd Stufkens"Postraumatic ankle osteoarthritis"
 Bregje Thomassen"Patient Pain and Blood Management in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty"
 Jasper van Tiel"Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers of Knee Cartilage Composition"
Anika Tsuchida''Modulating soluble mediators to restore joint homeostasis''
 Samuel Van de Velde"In Vivo Biomechanics of Cruciate Ligament Injuries"
 Suzan Verdegaal"Diagnostics and treatment options in low-grade central chondrosarcomas"
 Pieter-Paul Vergroesen"Intervertebral Disc Biomechanics, Long-Term Axial Loading Studies"
  Jetze Visser“Biofabrication of Implants for Articular Joint Repair”
Anne Vochteloo"Determinants of Outcome in Hip Fracture Patient Care"
 Maarten de Vos"Total elbow arthroplasty, A historical and contemporary perspective"
 Marc Wagener"Biomechanical evaluation of elbow arthroplasty and clinical advances in elbow surgery"
Luc Walschot"Porous titanium particles as a full bone substitute for defect reconstruction in hip joint replacement surgery"

Walter van der Weegen

"Metal-on-metal Hip Arthroplasty, Local tissue reactions and clinical outcome"

 Karen Wiegant"Knee Joint Distraction, intrinsic cartilage repair and sustained clinical benefit"
 Jan Joost Wiegerinck"The Achilles Heel of Adults and Children"
 Nina Wijnands"Arginine and the microcirculation; citrulline as supplement to enhance the NO-production during inflammation"
 Tommy de Windt"Impact on cartilage repair of the knee: patient profiling and single-stage regeneration"
 Melinda Witbreuk"Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis Pathogenetic and Clinical aspects"
 Pieter Bas de Witte"“Pinching subacromial problems” - A clinical and biomechanical approach"
 Jan-Ton van der Woude“Unloading the osteoarthritic knee; osteotomy and joint distraction”
 Maartje Zengerink"Osteochondral talar lesions and Ankle biomechanics"
 Aernout Zuiderbaan'Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty. New Insights in Surgical Results and Knee Kinematics'
 Peer van der Zwaal"On Rotator Cuff Tears. Studies on evaluation, clinical outcome and surgical treatment"
 Rob Zwartelé"Cementless total hip arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis"

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